Rome 2015

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This week my family and I were visiting the capital of bella Italia, Rome. It’s been ~20 years since my last visit and my memories were almost completely vanished. It is only 700 miles away but for my daughter, it sure was another world.

The journey started with a first-timer: The very first flight for Mila! Exciting for at least 30 Minutes…. then the Nintendo DS offered more variety. Note to myself: the next window seat belongs to me or my wife! We took the Vueling airline, a Spanish low-cost carrier which I really can recommend.

DSCF5412 DSCF5414

Rome itself was completely overrun by tourist from every corner of the world. Comprehensible, as we arrived on Easter-Monday, but the following days the city got a little bit less filled.

DSCF5418 DSCF5419 DSCF5435DSCF5425 DSCF5432DSCF5446DSCF5444

Rome itself is built on several hills, which grant a perfect view over the whole inner city. A real breath taking experience, I could just stand there and watch at all the little details the whole day.

DSCF5474DSCF5451 DSCF5452 DSCF5457 DSCF5465 DSCF5478

If you are interested in the ancient Roman Empire, you could stay several weeks just to visit all the artifacts, ruins, museums, etc,… I think the main charm of Rome is the ubiquitous presence of ancient buildings and art, next to typical Italien building of the last 200 years.

But as mentioned, the city was overrun by tourists. 2 hours of waiting to get inside the Colloseum is nerve wrecking! So we just stood in awe outside the building, walked across some stones some ancient visitors walked on 2000 years ago and moved on.

DSCF5480 DSCF5501DSCF5481 DSCF5483 DSCF5488 DSCF5492 DSCF5499  DSCF5504 DSCF5506DSCF5513DSCF5527

Thanks Rome, we had some marvellous days! Arrividerci!